Feminist Studies in Religion

Feminist Studies in Religion, Inc. (FSR, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to foster feminist studies in religion in all its variety and diversity. 
Posted by Midori Hartman on Sep 23, 2014
There is nothing quite like marching with 300,000+ people to help you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. In such a setting, “This is what democracy looks like!” becomes more than just words when it is a roar of the countless voices that surround you. More >
Posted by JFSR on Sep 22, 2014
We are happy to announce the arrival of the newest issue of JFSR: Volume 30, Number 2 (Fall 2014). Volume 30, number 2 is packed with special material, including a special section on comparative feminist hermeneutics and a 30th Anniversary Roundtable on the significance and future of JFSR. Celebrate 30 years of feminist scholarship on religion with us! More >
Posted by Susanne Scholz on Sep 16, 2014
Ever since I saw the photo of the kneeling James Foley, dressed in orange clothes in the desert sand, with the black-clothed and veiled executioner standing with a knife in his left hand behind him, I feel again haunted by the fundamentalist Islamic sense of primal drama.  This newest image, too, captures the imagination of apocalyptic horror movies, just like the 9/11 moments of the two planes flying into the twin towers.  These are archetypical scenes, static and unchanging d More >
Posted by FiR on Sep 15, 2014
Call for Papers: 'At the Cutting Edge’: New Postgraduate Writing on Gender, Religion and Theology in the Asia Pacific Region Journal: Seachanges Journal, Special Issue, 2015 Deadline (abstracts): 29 September 2014 Official Posting: More >
Posted by Grace Ji Sun Kim on Sep 8, 2014
Asian American woman have lived and suffered in a problematic cycle of racism from the wider community and patriarchy from within the Asian American community. I attended my first Feminist Studies in Religion (FSR) Leadership meeting in June 2014 and learned a lot about its history and its organization. Through this meeting, I came to appreciate the long historical development, as well as the goals and achievements of the FSR. More >