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Posted by Grace Ji Sun Kim on Apr 3, 2014
I speak fluent English, conversational Korean and textbook French.  I am proud to be trilingual and I always encourage my children to speak Korean with me.  They never do. I do my best to speak to them in Korean, unless I am disciplining them. Then, only English comes out of my mouth. We live in a multilingual world; it is wonderful to hear different languages.  However, in the corner of the world where I live, it is difficult to hear a language other than English. More >
Posted by Emilie Townes on Jan 13, 2012
The recent Supreme Court ruling on ministerial exception potentially legalizes all manner of bad behavior on the part of religious institutions whose understanding of “all God’s children” is narrow, particular, and biased.  First, by defining “minister” so broadly, the court allows religious institutions to declare any person who works within it’s doors and/or ministries as on par with the ordained clergy saying that the ministerial exception rule applies to those who have “a role in conveying the church’s message and carrying out its mission.”  Although Chief Justice John Robert More >