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Posted by Nami Kim on Aug 4, 2012
The creationism versus evolution debate when discussed in an educational setting does not occur exclusively in the United States. On June 12, 2012, the science journal Nature reported the “successful” petition by the Society for Textbook Revise (STR) to remove references to evolution from high school textbooks in South Korea. More >
Posted by Stephanie May on Feb 20, 2012
"It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal." So begins a recent article in the New York Times. According to a new report, more than half of births to women under the age of 30 now occur outside of marriage. More >
Posted by FiR on May 15, 2015
Fellowship: AAR-Luce Fellowships in Religion and International Affairs. Institutions: American Academy of Religion with the US Department of State (Franklin Fellows Program). Location: Washington DC. Deadline: 18 June 2015. Contact: aarlucefellow[at]aarweb.org. More >
Posted by Emilie Townes on Apr 30, 2015
The streets of one of our cities have erupted in violent rioting in response to another death of a young Black man at the hands of the local police force.  This time, the city is Baltimore and the death was due to a spinal cord injury while in police custody.  We are caught, all of us, in what seems like a senseless spiral of violence begetting violence begetting violence.  We are caught because the anger that erupts is not due to only a current event, but due to decades of inequities in many of our cities.  In this case, there are two Baltimores—one that is gentrified More >
Posted by Kate Ott on Apr 9, 2015
I was drawn to the academic discipline of ethics because it was about making moral claims, calling for actions, and evaluating the impact of current and past social and religious structures. Doing Christian ethics, I thought, could be synonymous with activism. However, as I spend more and more time in front of a computer or in a classroom it becomes more and more difficult to convince myself that being an ethicist makes me an activist. The same might be true about my identity as a feminist academic. Is writing and teaching from a feminist perspective automatically activism? More >
Posted by Joseph Marchal on Apr 6, 2015
I rarely find it difficult to teach about Sodomy.  Recent events here in Indiana have, unfortunately, made this biblical story even more relevant. More >
Posted by FiR on Mar 9, 2015
Fellowship: CCWH Catherine Prelinger Memorial Award 2015. Institution: Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH). Deadline: 15 May 2015. Amount: $20,000.00 USD. Requirements: Scholar must have Ph.D. or have advanced to candidacy, and has not followed the traditional academic path of uninterrupted and completed secondary, undergraduate, and graduate degrees leading to a tenure-track faculty position. More >
Posted by FiR on Feb 10, 2015
Call for Papers: Gender Questions. Deadline: 30 March 2015. Length [Research Articles]: 6,000 to 8,000 words (with abstract: 200 words, 4-6 key words). Length [Book Reviews]: 1,000 to 1,500 words. Contact: Prof. Jessica Murray (murraj[at]unisa.ac.za) and Prof. Marlize Rabe (rabeme[at]unisa.ac.za). More >
Posted by Susanne Scholz on Feb 4, 2015
This is a dialogical blog between Dr. Rebecca T. Alpert, Professor of Religion at Temple University and an ordained rabbi, and me.   Susanne: More >
Posted by Kate Ott on Jan 31, 2015
Today is Super Bowl Sunday.  Does it make you reflect on God? More >