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Posted by Nami Kim on Aug 4, 2012
The creationism versus evolution debate when discussed in an educational setting does not occur exclusively in the United States. On June 12, 2012, the science journal Nature reported the “successful” petition by the Society for Textbook Revise (STR) to remove references to evolution from high school textbooks in South Korea. More >
Posted by Stephanie May on Feb 20, 2012
"It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal." So begins a recent article in the New York Times. According to a new report, more than half of births to women under the age of 30 now occur outside of marriage. More >
Posted by FiR on Oct 10, 2014
Call for Interviews: Study on the Body Experiences of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Feminist Women in the United States. Lead: Natalie Nelson-Blake, M.A., California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, CA. Purpose: Graduate Research Study. Contact: nelson-blake.researchstudy@hushmail.com. Date: Unspecified. More >
Posted by Susanne Scholz on Sep 16, 2014
Ever since I saw the photo of the kneeling James Foley, dressed in orange clothes in the desert sand, with the black-clothed and veiled executioner standing with a knife in his left hand behind him, I feel again haunted by the fundamentalist Islamic sense of primal drama.  This newest image, too, captures the imagination of apocalyptic horror movies, just like the 9/11 moments of the two planes flying into the twin towers.  These are archetypical scenes, static and unchanging d More >
Posted by Guest Author on Aug 19, 2014
This past weekend, Michael Brown – another young and unarmed black man, was murdered. By the police. In response, his community of #ferguson, Missouri responded en masse. The predominantly African American community has taken to the streets and given voice and body to the shared grief, indescribable outrage, and deep wounds suffered by African American communities across America. More >
Posted by Kate Ott on Aug 18, 2014
A version of this blog was posted previously on Gathering Voices a blog of TheThoughtfulChristian.com. More >
Posted by Mary E. Hunt on Jul 23, 2014
If I were a member of Congress (now there’s an idea for a second career) I would hire a religion major on my staff. Actually, I would hire someone trained in feminist studies in religion because I think such people have a strong handle on what is happening around the globe. More >
Posted by Guest Author on Jul 15, 2014
By Patricia Miller The best part working on my book Good Catholics: The Battle over Abortion in the Catholic Church was learning about the “foremothers” of the Catholic reproductive rights movement. Some of these women, like Rosemary Radford Ruether and Mary Daly, are well known. Others less so. One of these women, Elizabeth “Betty” Farians (1923–2013), passed away recently, leading me to reflect on the contributions of this pioneering woman. More >
Posted by FiR on Jul 11, 2014
Call for Applications: Fellowships for Threatened Scholars Organization: Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund Deadline: 1 August 2014 (N.B. Applications can be taken at any time in cases of emergency) Official Posting (via http://www.awid.org/Get-Involved/Calls-for-Participation2/Fellowships-fo...): More >